Our Dream

He Taiao ora, he reo ora, he tangata ora
Healthy environment, healthy language, healthy people

Our Calling

Me mahi ngatahi ki te hapai i te reo Maori me nga tikanga Maori hei oranga tonutanga mo te iwi me te ao
Work collaboratively to uphold and maintain Te Reo and Tikanga Maori for the on-going well being of Nga Puhi and the world

Our Focus

Kia u nga taonga tuhu iho me nga tini ahuatanga pai mo te ao whanui hei oranga tonutanga mo te iwi
To maintain our inherit gifts and the many beneficial attributes of the world for the induring well being of people

Te Whare Awhina o Te Iwi Community Trust

Tautoko Radio

He Taiao Ora, He Reo ora, He Tangata ora

He mea nui rawa kia noho ai tatou i roto i te taiao ora. Ma te noho i roto i te taiao ora ka rongo anotia te reo ora. He tohu ano tenei mo te tino oranga o te tangata.

It is essential to live and work in healthy, sustainably supportive environments. This assures healthy language and voice which is symbolic of the wellbeing of the people, community and the world in which we live.

Te Whare Awhina O Te Iwi Community Trust was established in 1980. The trust was set up to give support ( tautoko) and assistance ( awhina) to people in our rural communities; in regard to human needs / wellbeing.

Focus on helping our most vulnerable, particularly our elders and young people remains core to our kaupapa. This however requires us to ensure that the more abled have the ongoing capacity to take care of their own needs and wellbeing as a basic requirement to being able to help others.

Tautoko Radio was established to give voice to our concerns for the ongoing wellbeing of our people, communities and environments, where the promotion and use of Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori is essential to and expressive of an inclusive Universal Maori World View.

Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori essentially connects people to our roles and responsibilities necessary for the wellbeing of the world in which we live. Our collective responsibilities (Kaitiakitanga) aligns with our inherent authority ( Mana tuku iho) as people of the land (tangata whenua). The wellbeing of the people is dependent on the wellbeing of the land (whenua). Te Reo ( language and voice) is an outward expression of our conscious state of being and the desire to uphold what is right accordingly ( tikanga).