Unity Pacific

Unity Pacific is an Auckland-based group led by Niuean New Zealander Tigilau Ness. Ness is the father of Che Fu, who wrote ‘Rock Away’, the album’s opening song. Father and son sing the song in duet, and as they slip between Niuean and English over the familiar beat it is as though the reggae one-drop were as indigenous to the Pacific as the pate or the haka. It is a meeting of music and messages from islands in different oceans that runs right through the album.
Tigi Ness has been fronting Unity Pacific since 2002, but his musical roots go much deeper. He already fronted a band called Unity in the 70s, long before Bob Marley’s defining visit, and even earlier - as a schoolboy in the 60s - had been a singer and acoustic guitarist. Back then, his repertoire consisted mostly of folk and country, and a bit of Elvis; ‘Four Strong Winds’ was a favourite. And I still hear traces of that folk-country flavour today in a beautiful, heartfelt love song like ‘Hold Me Close’. The way the sweet melody wraps itself in the skanking rhythm is typical of the easy fusions that run through this lovely album. Tigi Ness has a terrific band, too, who play in a kind of pre-dub style, like one of the great rhythm sections out of Kingston in the 70s.

Riqi Harawira

Hailing from Aotearoa New Zealand, South pacific World music artist Riqi Harawiras style is Maori fusion rock. Wether solo or with his band "Band of the long white cloud" Riqi uses a unique combination of electric guitar, and traditional Maori instruments (Nga taonga puoro), Riqi creates a bilingual sound blending both Te reo Maori and english with Rock, alt folk and the reggae idiom.


From opening individually for the likes of Duran Duran to Drake; the four piece (H-boogie, S.F.T, Edgar & Sabe) new wave collective 9-5ers have employed the sultry vocals of Opensoul’s own Tyra Hammond for lead single “Talking to you”. Soundscape artist and beat smith S.F.T describes the music as “sophisticated simplicity” touching on the relationship between settling in Aotearoa against the temptations of the wider world calling some of our most gifted minds off shore. The bands debut EP “Closer to home” features guest artists Tyra Hammond, Cydel & Jane Deezy.

Bailey Wiley

Bailey Wiley filters neo-soul classicism through modern, rightous production and true live musicianship. The star of the show is that golden voice – effortless and organic, itʼs like having honey poured into your ears. After releasing her debut album IXL, in May 2014 to rave reviews followed by the highly anticipated SOMM EP. Which was released globally in April 2016 receiving huge praise from fans and industry peers. Bailey has already racked up an impressive amount of live performances & features, sharing the stage & collaborating with some of New Zealand most well known musical talent, Now taking that a step further and reaching out/ collaborating with international artists.

Sonic Delusion

Too funky for folk and too folky for funk - that's Sonic Delusion's Latin-infused, pop-laced, funky, electroacoustic folk. A vibrant, high-energy live performer, Sonic Delusion (Andre Manella) blends dynamic layers of rhythm, tones, bass lines and vocals, carving out “his own unapologetically ambitious and intriguingly experimental sound” (NZ Musician).
​ The New Zealand-based Swiss-Kiwi is one of the original one man banders; he has been looping for over ten years and still digs the challenge of building up a song in front of a live audience. He loves to exploit dynamics in a live scenario, stoking the groove with funky bass or beats to really get the audience going . Sonic Delusion’s uniquely upbeat, funky folk is full of irresistible atmospheric joy; even scorching Aussie temperatures of 47 degrees couldn’t keep people from dancing!
Sonic Delusion kicked off his touring career in 2013 with an epic 9-month, 70-venue tour of New Zealand, and now has over 500 gigs in New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland and Germany, several international festivals under his belt. He’s also known for his unorthodox gig venues, having played concerts from a purpose-built stage on the roof of his family’s housebus, a shop roof, a lake, and at auctioned gigs in lounges around the country.
When he’s not on the road, Sonic Delusion is busy in his adopted home town of New Plymouth, writing and recording albums. The first of which, +OR- (2012) was welcomed as “a solid debut that will leave listeners intrigued and wanting more” (NZ Musician). The second album, Open Your Eyes (2013), made good on that, with “a rich, colorful sonic landscape full of funky bass lines, crisp, jazzy guitar riffs and warm, disarming vocals” (NZ Musician). In 2015, he had just finished recording his third album, Without Warning (2015), when the idea of a liquid album came to him - an interpretive beer that would taste like the album in beer form. He approached a local brewery, who took up the challenge, and audiences drinking and listening to Without Warning got to see, hear, feel and taste the music simultaneously. Not only did the beer win awards, the album Without Warning (2015) made it to #2 in the NZ indie album charts, and was reviewed as “a sensual delight to the ears for anyone who enjoys folk with something a bit different” (NZ Musician).
This Material World (21.April 2017) is the newest album and, in keeping with Sonic Delusion's signature style is bright, upbeat, a bit tongue-in-cheek, and bursting with more funk than folk can handle.

Hori Collective

Where being “Harty Hori” and creative meet, HoriCollective are an authentic group made up of 4 members (MALISTK, the INFLUENCE, Dotske and HENAC) hailing all the way from Whangarei. Their music is a mixture of Rap and Trap but they also like to incorporate Maori references to their music. Be sure to follow HoriCollective on Facebook for more updates.