Live Broadcast of Ngatiwai Urgency Hearings

Hapu and Ngatiwai Claimants who are party to the Urgent Inquiry into the Ngatiwai Trust Board’s Deed of Mandate will hear their case this week.The Waitangi Tribunal have agreed to hear the case which if successful could holt the settlement of Ngatiwai claims before the government.

Radio Tautoko will  broadcast live from the ASB stadium Whangarei the hearings from today Tuesday at 9.30am until Thursday afternoon. For whanau living in Hokianga and the mid North please tune into 97.5 and 99.5 and for those wanting to join the broadcast you can go to


Hearing Timetable For Stage 2 Hearings Week 20: Hokianga

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Last of Ngapuhi Stage two Hearings on this week

Tauteihiihi Marae Hokianga is hosting the last of the Stage Two Waitangi Tribunal hearings.

Week 20 of the Te Paparahi o te Raki Tribunal claims process will start tomorrow with the handing over of the Mauri a carved kohatu to Te Ihutai

who are hosting the final hearing for Hokianga claimants which make up one of six claimant collectives who have been going through the process of

hearing historical breeches of Te Tiriti.

Tautoko will broadcast live from the Hearings from 8.30 am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Hearings Timetable.

Monday 22 August.

9am Opening Submissions, Patu Hohepa, Wai 881, Manuka Henare, Ngai Tupoto. Technical Report by Dr T J H earn, Hokianga Land Reclamation.

11.00 Council,Crown and Tribunal.

1.10 Wai 1538 Pairama Tahere, Helen Lyall, Ellen Toki, Tawati Clark, Hone Hohaia.

Wai 1543. Te Uri o Wharepapa Tohu, Peter Clark

Te Paprahi o te Raki Stage 2 hearings into 3rd day

Here is the program for today.

8.45am         Wai 109, Paeata Broughton Clark.

9am.               Wai 1131 Hone Mihaki

11.30am.      Wai 1477. Emma Gibbs-Smith, Esther Horton

1.10pm.        Wai 1477 continues. Ian Mitchell. Wai 2394, Hone Pikari, Wai2244, Shona Morgan.

3.20pm         Wai 2244 continues, Merehora Taurua, Bill Morgan, Wai 120, Te Raumoa Kawiti, Amorangi Kawiti.

Nga mihi



Ngati Manu presents submissions to Tribunal

FB_IMG_1468764968213 FB_IMG_1468764955824 FB_IMG_1468764949106 FB_IMG_1468764908830Ngati Manu will present their submissions on Crown breaches today.


Here is the program for the day.

9am. A Sykes, Dr Richard Benton.

10.30am. WAI 354. Joyce Baker, Marsh Davis

1.10pm Wai354.  Dr Shane Kelly, Arapeta Hamilton, Peter Van Kampen.

3.30pm. Wai354. Susz Te Tai/ Te Kauri McPherson

Wai 1151-1169. Geoffrey Karena, Pita Apiata.

Nga mihi

Nga Hapu o te Taku Taimoana continues to chellenge the Crown over Te Tiriti breachs

Claimants representing Hapu  from Waitangi to Rawhiti  will present evidence before the Waitangi tribunal this week when Ngapuhi Hapu meet at the Oromahoe Marae for week 19 of the Waitangi tribunal Stage 2 Te Paparahi o te Raki Hearings for Ngapuhi. For the past four years the Tribunal has been hearing evidence from the 5 Papa Hapu collectives which make up Te Kotahitangi o nga Hapu o Ngapuhi.

This Sunday Ngapuhi will gather on the Oromahoe Marae for the kawe mate for Tribunal rangatira Ranginui Walker and others who have passed since the last Hearings held in Utakura in April.

Tautoko will broadcast live from Oromahoe the hearings in it entirety from tomorrow morning at 8.30am.

For whanau living out side our broadcast footprint you can listen to the hearings vis our web page,

nga mihi



Taitokerau celebrates 51 years of Manu korero

About 500 people are expected at the 51st Taitokerau Secondary Schools Nga Manu Korero being hosted by Bay College this week.
Over the past 50 years the competition has developed into an event supported by most of the secondary schools who showcase the best of there speakers who compete to represent Te Taitokerau at the National competition also being hosted in Whangarei in August.
There are 3 sections, Senior Maori and English, Junior Maori and English, and the Taa Hemi Henare which is bilingual.
Radio Tautoko and Te Reo o Ngatihine will broadcast live for the Hui from tomorrow at 12pm until Friday at about 5pm

Tribunal returns to Hokianga to hear claims

The Waitangi Tribunal have returned to Hokianga for week 19 of the stage 2 claims hearing process for Ngapuhi.
Over the past five years they have been hearing evidence from the 5 Taiwhenua or Hapu collectives on breaches to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

This week Hapu kaikorero from the North Hokianga will present evidence on the confiscation of land and other breaches of the Treaty.

Radio Tautoko will broadcast the hearings from today until they end on Thursday.

Waitangi Tribunal hears claims related to TPP

Today the Waitangi Tribunal begin the urgent hearing into claims relating to the Trans Pacific Partnership

lat year the Tribunal said the issues for inquiry are whether or not the TPP effectively protected Maori interests, and what Maori input was now required for the ratification of the TPP agreement to comply with the crowns obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi

the Tribunal will hear from the claimants and the Crown, including evidence from three expert witnesses commissioned by the claimants, the Crown and the Tribunal.

Radio Tautoko will broadcast the hearing live at home and on our web page, daily from 9am to 5pm

Listen to Hearings on our webpage

You are able to listen to the korero from the hearings by clicking on Play Tautoko fm now at the bottom of the  top of the right hand part of the page.

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